About Us

The biggest challenge facing marine ingredients companies today is access to long-term sustainable supplies of raw material. BII’s access to pelagic species through our Shareholders provides us with a critical competitive advantage over our competitors. Through our advanced hydrolysing process, we convert raw material of moderate commercial value into proteins, oil and calcium.

What makes BII different from our competitors?

BII’s Natural Marine Ingredients from Ireland are unique because they are produced using whole fish rather than offcuts so that consistent quality is guaranteed.

Quality: Unlike BII’s competitors who use offcuts from the processing sector, we rely on one species and therefore complete consistency of the end products is assured at all times.

Natural:  Our products have no chemical additives and only top-quality food-grade enzymes and natural antioxidants are used.

Sustainability: Our fishermen have received ‘Marine Stewardship Council’ (MSC) approval for the blue whiting fishery.  This accreditation means that BII will be the only market player providing 100% MSC certified raw material.

Sourcing: With our factory just hours from the fishing grounds, BII customers can be assured of the freshness of the raw material at all times.

Traceability:  Transparency of the origin of the raw material is crucial for food safety controls and with BII’s Shareholders’ being the key suppliers of the raw material, we are in a position to trace each batch of product back to the fishing vessel.

Continuity of Supply:  BII is owned by fishermen which means that we are in control of the supply-chain and therefore there is no risk to the continuity of supply.