Protein Hydrolysate (Soluble Fish Protein Powder)

Our Soluble Fish Protein Hydrolysate (SPH) from blue whiting (BW) is a free-flowing soluble spray-dried powder with a high protein content (greater than 90%) and less than 1% fat. It has a very neutral odour and slightly off-white appearance. This protein powder has an excellent amino acid profile and is instantly soluble in water. Blue Whiting SPH is proven to have a number of bioactive properties, for example:-

ACE Inhibition activity

BW SPH found to have a significant inhibitory effect of ACE (Geirsdottir 2011). The inhibition characteristics increase with DH.

Antiproliferative activity

BW SPH found to have a significant in vitro growth inhibitory effect on two breast cancer cell lines (Picot, 2006).

Satiating capacity

Cudennec (2012) presents in vitro and in vivo evidence for a satiating effect of fish protein hydrolysate.

Nobile (2016) found it significantly improved body composition and in increased CCK and GLP-1 blood levels (hormones connected with satiety) but also decreased overall weight and measurements after 90 days.

Bile acid binding capacity

BW SPH has strong bile acid binding capacity. This capacity is directly linked to the ability to inhibit bile reabsorption in the ileum and therefore to lower cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. This study revealed that BW SPH are suitable as ingredients in the formulation of cholesterol-lowering supplements (Perez-Gálvez, 2015).

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