Where we’re going

Bio-marine Ingredients Ireland is dedicated to advancing scientific research and innovation, in conjunction with key institutes and universities, enabling the delivery of products with real consumer benefits to the marketplace.

Our R&D team have developed strong partnerships with EU research institutions and Irish Universities. Together we aim to develop tomorrow's nutritional ingredient products for human and animal nutrition customers.

Current published literature indicates Fish Protein Hydrolysates from Blue Whiting, like our ProAtlantic and ProShore proteins, have a strong positive beneficial effect on satiety, glycaemic control and weight management. Other research shows that for healthy bone density in addition to calcium we need trace minerals like those found naturally in our WhiteCal marine mineral complex.

We are spearheading some very exciting research, which will lead to many new product launches very soon. We are undertaking the following clinical trials with our partners, the results of which we hope to bring to you during 2021:

  • ProAtlantic Fish Protein Isolate benefits on satiety and weight management
  • ProAtlantic Fish Protein Isolate for muscle maintenance and healthy aging
  • ProShore Fish Protein Concentrate for digestive health in cats
  • WhiteCal Marine minerals for dental health
  • WhiteCal Marine minerals for bone and joint health
  • Bio-marine bioactive peptides for glycaemic control and diabetes management
  • Bio-marine bioactive peptides for immunity boosting